About Us

At Kaamyup, our mission is to connect businesses with top-notch interns to help them succeed in their ventures. We understand the challenges faced by both businesses and interns in today's competitive landscape, and we strive to provide a seamless platform that simplifies the process of finding the right match.

Our story

Kaamyup was born out of a deep understanding of the struggles faced by freelancers and the need for better opportunities in the market. Initially, we started as an app to connect freelancers with business owners, but we soon realized that there was a greater need to bridge the gap between students seeking internships and startups in search of affordable tech talent. This realization led us to pivot our focus and redefine our purpose.

The Kaamyup Difference

What sets Kaamyup apart is our commitment to creating a clutter-free and efficient environment for both businesses and interns. We believe in quality over quantity and strive to provide a curated pool of interns who perfectly match the requirements of businesses. By doing so, we ensure that businesses can find interns who are not only skilled but also passionate about their work.
We also recognize the importance of a safe and secure platform. Our "NO-FRAUD" policy ensures that all users can engage in a trustworthy environment, free from any fraudulent activities. Additionally, our one-time review system allows users to provide valuable feedback, helping others make informed decisions and fostering a sense of transparency and accountability.

How Kaamyup Works?

For interns, Kaamyup offers a user-friendly platform where they can showcase their skills and expertise through a comprehensive profile. By completing and maintaining their profile, interns increase their visibility and chances of being selected by businesses. They can receive requests from businesses, choose the ones they connect with the most, and embark on exciting internships that align with their goals and aspirations.
For businesses, Kaamyup simplifies the process of finding interns who are a perfect fit for their needs. Businesses can search for interns based on their requirements, send requests to multiple candidates, and select the one who best suits their vision. Our ship system allows businesses to manage multiple interns effortlessly, streamlining their remote team management.

Join Kaamyup:

Whether you are a business seeking exceptional interns or an intern looking for valuable opportunities, Kaamyup welcomes you to join our platform. We are committed to helping businesses thrive and interns flourish, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved. Experience the power of seamless connections and discover the potential of internships with Kaamyup. Join us today and embark on a journey towards growth and success.